This is our Special Set to Introduce the best coffee selection from JIBBILITTLE ROASTING CO.

You will get

  • Any choice of 420ml MilK Pitcher
  • Any choice of our selection
    • 150 g of Columbia Gesha Luis Anibal (Honey) - Citrusy
    • 100 g of Panama Gesha Janson washed Volcan - Lot 317 (Juicy/ Sweet)
    • 65 g of Panama Green Tip Gesha- Nat Lot 238 (Berry / Dried fruit)
    • 65 g of Panama Green Tip Gesha Nat Lot 374 (Tropical)
  • Velvet Bag ($20)



  • 100- 150g coffee = No box otherwise the total weight than will be over 0.5g
  • 60g coffee = Come with box and a bag as the total weigh is less than 0.5g


Why Gesha Coffee?

  • JIBBI believe in Balanced Coffee with lot of floral notes, with here roast style and Gesha variety , she can emphasize on balanced and sweet with a delicate note of red fruits and lots of flowers.In her quest to serve the best coffee experience, Jibbe has recently taken an additional identity - coffee roaster.
  • In general, each coffee varietal has a wide range of taste profiles and coffee roasters have the privilege to highlight specific characteristics. Baristas on the other hand, is bounded by the roasters’ preferences. In order to further extend her creative freedom, Jibbe is now roasting her own coffee, bringing new and exciting flavours to the market.
  • JIBBILITTLE ROASTING CO have won multiple Awards from AICA and Gloden Bean 2020. Award Recognition from 2017-202🏆AICA Gold Roasting Award 2020🏆WINNER of Roaster Smackdown 2019 🏆GOLD Medal-Golden Bean 2018🥇🥈🥉AICA & Gloden Bean - 2017-2020


  • We charge a flat rate for International shipping to all countries, our prices are included Courier UPS Express services (at 500g per jug.) It is your responsibility to track your parcel.
  • We have no control of external issues (covid-19, Authorities) that may arisen in each countries. If your parcel is being returned to sender due to any reason, The shipping fees will not be reimbursed and we reserve the right to charge you for return shipping at $60 USD per Jug (500g). If you receive a refund, the cost of shipping minumum of $60 USD will be deducted from your refund. Please provide us with a correct ***full address (*Name, Number, Street, City, State, Zip Code and Mobile phone) at the check out.

Read before you buy

  • Please have a read of our information such as Our QC, Color coating, Refund, Return Policies and etc. before you buy, click bullet on the right. By ordering JIBBIJUG you agree and acknowledge these terms and conditions.

420ml Gesha Set

$200.00 Regular Price
$170.00Sale Price
420ml Jug
Roast style


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