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Proudly presenting the amazing, mind-blowing coffee from Huila – Los Nogales, produced by Oscar Hernández. Using bacteria and yeast under controlled fermentation, this coffee boasts tropical flavors of sweet pineapple candy, passionfruit, guava, and a creamy finish.


2005 Colombia First C.O.E Champion – Los Nogales


☆☆☆Los Nogales☆☆☆

  • Origin: Huila, Colombia
  • Farm owner: Oscar Hernández
  • Altitude: 1850 masl
  • Variety: Yellow Colombia
  • Processing: Double Anaerobic Washed
  • Cupping notes: Melon, Mango Juice, Blueberry Jam, Cherry, Gummy Bear


**Coffee Story**

  • Oscar Fernando Hernández, an industrial engineer and former naval petty officer, is the youngest of Ricaurte Hernández's sons and currently leads the family project.
  • He studied at SENA (Colombia National Training Service) as an environmental management technologist, learning the importance of sustainable production, material reuse, clean production, and environmental protection. "Every time I came back from vacation, I helped my father with his work. My project was always to return to the farm.
  • After the loss of his father, Oscar took over the leadership of the farm with a clear purpose: to revolutionize coffee farming by implementing his research, innovation, and environmental protection principles in the field.


**Research and Innovation Center**

  • Los Nogales farm has become a research and innovation hub where biotechnology and technology are deeply integrated into coffee production, including depulping, fermentation, drying, and transportation.
  • The farm’s approach includes controlled fermentation, efficient water use, and recycling by-products into fertilizers.


**Role of Women**

  • The Hernández sisters have also revolutionized the role of women on the farm. Angie Hernández, an industrial engineer, is now in charge of the laboratory. As a scientist, she has led the effort to experiment and improve fermentation systems at only 24 years of age, becoming a crucial pillar of the farm.
  • Women have shown that we are very capable. Every day we take on more important roles in the union... The world of coffee is immense, and seeing it through a microscope is incredible," said Angie Hernández.
  • Olga Hernández, the eldest sibling, is a leader too. She is a representative in the federation of coffee growers, known for her community work and advocacy for farmer rights in the territory.


**Processing and Production**

  • At Los Nogales, harvested coffee cherries are first cleaned and then undergo delicate fermentation. Naturally collected bacteria and yeast from the cherries are extracted and cultivated in the lab, then added during the fermentation process.
  • The fermentation temperature is controlled, and the activity of bacteria and yeast is monitored with the help of a microscope to determine the optimal point to stop fermentation. This also allows the mucilage to be removed efficiently at the next stage, reducing water usage in washing the beans.
  • By-products from the process are separated and recycled into fertilizers.


**Environmental Protection and Innovation**

  • In addition to producing high-quality coffee, Los Nogales operates as a coffee research and innovation center, providing new visions for the coffee industry.
  • The farm emphasizes the integration of applied science and technology with a strong commitment to environmental protection.

Los Nogales Oscar Fernando Hernánde- Yellow Colombia

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