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All transactions will be carried out in USD Currency,  @ 2016 JIBBIJUG MILK PITCHER COPYRIGHT

You will get

  1. Musketter 2 600ml
  2. Ninja 400ml
  3. Tee
  4. 2 x Enamel Pin (Fox & Swan)



  • The NINJA spout is specifically designed to be short, and protruded (hanging tip). We have been asked if this is a design defect but can assure customers that it is designed this way for pouring efficiency.
  • Teflon Coating is applied to both external, and internal surfaces of the jug, to provide a non-stick surface to the entire jug, this teflon is not last longing as it can have a scratches after being touched by otyher materials.
  • As the spout is uniquely designed whilst it takes a little time to master, once perfected it will make pouring more intricate and detailed. The downward angle of the spout is crafted to be narrow, sharp and straight. As you become more confident with this spout, the results will become more apparent, as you get proficient with the spout.
  • Every productions in any Stainless steel metals will have the tolerance due to the material tenacity, you may find a little different in alignment of the jug or between different jugs, this is because of the material tenacity.
  • Color Coating Notes
    • Electroplating is the process of coating metal object with a very thin layer of another metal by applying a direct electric current. Electroplating Color can be worn off over months and years of use.
    • Teflon is a material used as a non-stick coating on cookware. Occasionally, Teflon can develop scrapes and scratches as a result of interaction with other utensils or by using, which reduces its non-stick properties.
    • We highly recommended you to steam the milk with other Stainless Steel jug and then transfer to a Teflon Jug. At JibbiJug we take the highest of care with the manufacturer to ensure that the standard of all coatings is acceptable. There would be some unavoidable abrasions and Peeling off after even first used with high heat or touch other material. Please be advised that any abrasion after used we will not provide refund or return in respect thereof.
    • In the process unfortunately at times the metal might come into contact with another object that slightly scratches the metal. Whilst all care is taken in looking at each jug, there can be no guarantee that every stainless steel product will have a surface with no scratches.
    • What we can however assure you is that your jug is still operational and the scratches will not affect your latte art or milk frothing. As with everything, once



  • To make a shipping cost as low at no extra charges, our prices are included AUSPOST International shipping cost (not a courier service), it is your responsibility to track your parcel and contact your National Postal Services in case of custom charges or attempted delivery, pick up your parcel.
  • We have no control of external issues that may arisen in each countries. If your parcel is being returned to sender due to any reason,
  • The shipping fees will not be reimbursed and we reserve the right to charge you for return shipping at $50 USD or If you receive a refund, the cost of shipping $50 USD will be deducted from your refund.
  • Please provide us with a correct full address (Name, Number, Street, City, State, Zip Code and Mobile phone) at the check out.
  • If you need a Door to Door service (DHL/TNT/UPSP/ETC) please select and pay extra at check out.


Read before you buy

  • Please have a read of our information such as Our QC, Color coating, Refund, Return Policies and etc. before you buy, click bullet on the right. By ordering JIBBIJUG you agree and acknowledge these terms and conditions.


$391.00 Regular Price
$312.80Sale Price
Musketeer V2
2 Enamel Pins
  • Musketeer

    A must for LATTE ART COMPETITORS Makes 2 identical designs. The spout is long and narrow at "2.6 x 2 cm" An ease to start lower in the cup, and versatile drawing. The well balanced weight is ideal for competition, and a user friendly handle for any complex patterns.



    Our signature Pointed Eagle Spout design gives you the maximum control and best for producing versatile patterns. The warrior version 2 has allowed for more space around the handle which in turn will give more people greater control in pourfecting their milk texturing and latte art. So those with bigger hands have no excuse to not give this amazing milk jug a try.