Warrior3 (420ml)

THE W3 "Precious with Precision" allows an easy, express high definition and a clean finish thanks to its unique Eagle Mouth Spout. It offers a uniform complexion with ease.

W3 comes with our signature laser handle, to make it an even more durable and best comfortable to your plam.



The benefit is to help lifting the bottom of the jug to push the milk foam in the cup, not the liquid that tend to over fill your cup too fast.
They say good hand can kill. Fight your way to the top with the new "Warrio3r" jug



  • All Purpose Versatile design
  • Electroplating finished
  • Spout is help to get closer to the surface
  • Best Milk flow
  • No milk wastes, Suit all dine-in size in cafe from 3 oz to 12 oz



  • Spout width at 3 cm can give heavy milk flow*

( *Tip! lifting the tip of jug away from the surface for small leaves patterns)



      Color Coating Notes

      Light haze or fine scratch line may appear on the external and internal surface of the jug. This is common to all jugs with an Electroplating and Teflon application, There would be some unavoidable abrasions purely based on how the product needs to work and is not a defect.



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      Read before you buy

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      • We believe this Paper Metric Scale is the best way to check as we use the number for measure and don’t judge by appearance using eyesight or X & Y Scale without numbers, as it may create an incorrect assumption in some way.
At the warehouse, when it comes to checking the product before shipping, we will do double quality control inspection to prevent defects in your goods.
We promise to send out only the jugs that pass the 2nd QC, and the inspectors will discard any jugs that do not meet our company standards (*tolerance within 0.01- 2 mm), including material, coloring and etc.



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