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Villamaría Natural 72 hour Extended Ferment 380g + DHL EXPRESS 

  • we’re excited to share this extended-ferment coffee from the Villamaria association in Colombia. The coffee cherries underwent a 72-hour fermentation before being laid out on drying beds, where they are turned regularly for 15 days.


Tasting Notes:   Boozy, Tropical fruit Mix, Lemon acidity, Savory & Cacao nib

Aroma:              Boozy Tropical coulis, savoury bramble fruit & coating body.




Villamaría Natural

  • For the natural process, freshly harvested cherry is delivered to La Aurora where it is floated, sorted and left to rest in cherry for 24 hours. The cherries are transported to Jamaica the following day where they undergo a further 48 hours of fermentation in cherry.
  • They are then taken to drying beds in the greenhouse for around 15 days before being finished in the mechanical dryer for 3-4 days. 


Roast style: Filter

Country: Colombia
Region: Caldas

Altitude: 1800 MASL

Variety: Variedad Colombia, Castillo Naranjal

Process: Natural
Process: Extended Fermentation 72 hour



The Station

  • Villamaría is a Colombian municipality located in the department of Caldas. The region is fed by numerous sources of water and natural resources. Villamaría is located a few kilometres from the city of Manizales, whose urban areas are surrounded by the Chinchiná River. Our drying station "Jamaica" is located in Chinchiná, Caldas. The station currently represents the harvests of 30 to 50 coffee producing families in the surrounding area of Villarazo, sitting at altitudes higher than the drying station itself. As Jamaica sits at a lower altitude of 1300 MASL, it is better suited to the processing of honey and natural coffees due to the hotter temperatures found here.
  • This station is focussed on the production of washed, honey, and natural lots. With the aid of Nuna dehydrator and mechanical drying systems, controlling humidity and temperature throughout the drying process aids the processing of honey and natural lots. The station processes coffee from 30 to 50 producers 500 metres further up the mountainside.

Villamaría Natural 72 hour Extended Ferment - Colombia

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