Find enriching Christmas gifts perfect for everyone special. X'Mas Party Set of 600ml & 380ml & Etching Pen with an exclusive coffee from Ninetyplus "Carmo " to make your holiday full of magic.

  • A warm greeting gift for someone you love. This set is perfect way to jumpstart your holiday with Latteart and great cup of Filter coffee that will blow your mind. 
  • You will get
  1. Musketeer 600ml 
  2. Ronin 380ml
  3. 35g of Ninetyplus Gesha Carmo
  4. Gold Etching Pen


Please choose carefully as there is no exchange/ no change of mind/ no refund or return.

Best seller 90+ set

$410.00 Regular Price
$310.00Sale Price
Musketter V1- V3
Ronin: Ronin Gold
Etching pen
Carmo 35g
    • As the jugs are made of stainless steel they have their natural tenacity and each part of the process establishes an ongoing tolerance and variance. We do monitor and test to ensure there are the same within the acceptable level of tolerance (1-2mm in any parts of the jugs)
    • We also well know that every customer have different ideas and method for checking the alignment or any parts of the milk jug. However at JIBBIJUG we use Paper Metric Scale method to indicate the tolerance in metric units. We believed that the Paper Metric Scale is the best way to check and ensure it is within the acceptable and desired tolerance range rather than judging by visual appearance which may create an incorrect assumption in some way.
    • At the completion of manufacturing we will place the jug upside down to position the tip of the spout at the mid point of the scale then placing the rim of the jug both left and right until it meets the same number on the scale. Finally, we will check the handle placement and if it is aligned within the scale measurement.
    • However everything will have a slight tolerance due to natural material tenacity, so you will find small but acceptable variations between jugs with a tolerance range of 1-2mm in the production process. 
    • We will always ensure individual checks before packing and quality control and  that all JIBBIJUG products meet our strictest standards At the warehouse, when it comes to checking the product before shipping.  This includes all aspects of the final product such as finish, colour and alignment. 


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