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The Unique JIBBI's design features a flat slanted top that reaches each and every tight space of the cup. New signature Laser gripping style that creates a comfortable, silky yet supple feel.

  • 420ml, Suit 3-10 oz cups, Fit 12 oz with a DB espresso shot
  • Narrow Pointy spout
    • The super pointy spout is a super advantage to creating the best definition for drawing lines.
    • This Air Forfce focuses on the milk flow that helps the froth to pour in the cup, not the liquid
  • Slanted top design
    • The Airforce design follows the Aircarft body design that helps a pour reach a surface
    • 6.5cm Top dia, 11cm height
  • For the Home user, BEGINNER, Non-skill Barista
  • Thickness 0.9mm, at 190g weight 
  • UNISEX Laser Welded Handle


Please read carefully as we do not offer any refunds or exchanges under the conditions mentioned below.

  • We check all the jugs before posting them to you. All stainless steel production will have a slight tolerance and variance occur from jug to jug or in any parts of the jug due to their natural tenacity, so you will find small but acceptable variations between spouts left vs right/ handle and body.
  • There is a welding mark at the handle inside the jug from Laser welding to make your Handle last longer. This mark is not a defect and does not rust.
  • We acceptable variations of handle alignment with a tolerance range of 1-2mm in Production by monitor and testing to ensure there are the same within the acceptable level of tolerance. This in no way affects the pouring or the pouring technique.
  • In the process unfortunately at times of Polishing or Coating, the metal might come into contact with another object that slightly scratches the metal outer and internal surface of the jug.
  • Whilst all care is taken in looking at each jug, there is no guarantee that every stainless steel product will have a surface with no scratches. (See our reference photo).
  • The milk pitcher is dipped in solution during the electroplating process by being attached to a fine wire and submerged into that solution. As a result, it will leave very fine wire marks on the inside of the pitcher. This can not be avoided for authentication reasons.
  • In agreeing to purchase this Color Coating you accept that it’s not a defect but rather part of the production process. There would be some scratches and factory marks on the exterior and interior. Anything plated will eventually tarnish with time and wear.


Read before you buy

  • Please read our policies before you buy including our QC, Alignment and Color coating, Return and  Refund and No change of mind. By ordering JIBBIJUG you agree to and acknowledge all these terms and conditions.
  • Once you received your item(s), please check quality thoroughly before first use, For any problems that are not already mentioned above, please report to us immediately with an Unboxing video or photo recording of the moment when a certain product is opened. 

  • We do not offer any warranty of colour coating after being used as any coating will eventually peel, fade and discolour  (see how to clean the jug to last longer) 

  • We offer a replacement of the major colour coating issue before use, All signs of used jugs will void our Return policies. 

  • No change-of-mind exchange or refund unless the product is faulty



  • Our prices are Included in DHL EXPRESS ($60 Flat rate/ Jug), with no extra shipping fee at check out, these DHL charges are non-refundable. 
  • It is your responsibility to ensure they enter the correct delivery address. If an address is entered incorrectly and as a result delivered to the wrong address JIBBIJUG will not issue a refund or replacement. 

  • Shipping fees do not include local taxes or import/customs duties or any other additional costs.  These are the responsibility of the customer. If such charges apply to your order and you do not wish to pay them JIBBJUG will not issue a refund or reimbursement for your order. However, we have declared your items as low value for you. so enjoy!


Out of Stock

    • Once you received your item(s), please checked quality thoroughly before first used.

    • If you have any problems that not mentioned before you buy,  please report us immediately with an Unboxing video or photo recording the moment when a certain product is opened.

    • Please Note!! All signs of used jugs will void our return policies as once the jug has been used it can not be guaranteed all faults has happened before or after used.

    • We are committed to provide you a quality product and be 100% satisfied as our store identified faults before you buy. 

    • We do not refund if you don't like the jug, or spout of the jug after being used, or finding it unsuitable afterwards

    • We do not refund if you claim that your friend/ baristas tell you that the jug is faulted/ crooked/etc as they have not read our policies before make purchase. 

    • Ensure you use this Paper Metric Scale to check the alignment quality, Never check only with the naked eye or your own methods. 

    • We do not refund any Alignment/ Scratches issues after any usage, Please check carefully before your FIRST use,

    • If something is not right, please report your issue to within *3 working days after receiving your items (* UPS TRACKING as reference) with unused condition video or photo only! ​

    • You're entitled to a refund, replacement if:

      • The item is faulty or damaged before used/ You were sent the wrong item or size

    • You are NOT entitled to a refund / exchange because:

      • You has been used the jug or complaint passed 3 working day after received

      • You just changed your mind

      • You found the product cheaper at another store

      • You don't like it

      • You bought the wrong size

      • The product has a fault that you knew about before you bought it. This includes instances where the fault was listed in the description.


    We will happily offer the refund of a purchased item(s) if it meets any of the following conditions:

    • It is physically faulty or damaged in some way. (Such as leaking or dents)

    • The incorrect item was shipped or does not match the description and/or images of the item.

    • The item was out of stock or unavailable at the time the order was placed.

    • Damage to the item has occurred during shipping.

    This is not Faulty or defective products, there is no refund regards this below issues.

    • Factory Material marks (scratches/small dents) are merely cosmetic from polishing process inside or outside the jug and in no way toxic or effect the pours.

    • Heat Marks appears from the laser process to joint the handle and body together with high heat. 

    • Color marks (Light haze or fine scratch or soft spots) may appear during the color coating process.

    • Alignment: Spout / Handle/ Any parts of the jug will have tolerance about 2mm* as all stainless steel have their own material tenacity. (*Qc from Paper Matrix Scale, not accepted any Eye naked or Ruler)

    • Teflon coating is peel off or scratches as a result of after used and interaction with other utensils or heated it.

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