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    Indulge in an unparalleled coffee experience with my expertly roasted beans. Crafting the ultimate balance of sweetness, clarity, and texture, my unique philosophy will take your taste buds to new heights. Savor each sip with a smooth and satisfying mouthfeel - you won't be able to resist the irresistible flavors. Give my high-quality beans a try and taste my passion for yourself - I have no doubt you'll be hooked!


    Written by JIBBILITTLE 


    In my quest to provide the best coffee experience, I have recently taken on an additional identity; that of a coffee roaster. 
    In 2017 I wanted to further my creative freedom and bring new and exciting flavours to the market;

    since then my coffee has won 31 Coffee Roasting Awards.

    I have been an active participant in the Golden Bean and Australian International Coffee Awards since 2017. 
    These competitions feature Australia and New Zealand's finest coffee roasters; judged by industry professionals.
    These competitions are amongst the biggest and most prestigious in the world.

    Awards are predicated on each coffee achieving an objectively scored level with the Gold Medal only awarded if it scores within the

    Gold benchmark range.

    I am excited and incredibly pleased to announce that all my coffee offerings have won multiple awards in both competitions and

    are of the highest standard. 
    In only my second attempt, I was delighted to have won a Gold Medal Award in the 2018 Golden Bean Competition in the Pour Over Category. 
    Later that year; I was awarded the Winning Title of the CRS Roaster Smackdown Competition held in Melbourne and a Gold Roasting Award

    in the espresso category by the prestigious AICA 2019. 
    For me; these competitions have been a great opportunity to set my roasting standard to the highest level.

    My journey in the past few years has encompassed personally putting hours of effort into tasting and cupping to achieve premium results. 
    My message to all of my latte art followers is this; you may know me as Jibbi Little the Latte Art Queen;

    however my roasting has not taken my focus away from latte art but has allowed me to enhance my complete experience from bean to cup.