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Proudly presenting the Santuario Project: Using the CM process with Mossto and specialized microbes, Edwin Noreña create unique flavors of lemongrass, black tea, lime zest, and cinnamon.


Coffee Information 

  • Processing: Carbonic Maceration Variety: Geisha
  • State: Quinidio
  • Altitude: 1650 MASL
  • Producer: Edwin Noreña


  • Finca Campo Hermoso is located in the department of Quindío, proudly offering three generations of coffee growers hard work. Edwin Noreña, is not only a third-generation farmer, but also a Q grader and an agroindustrial engineer. He saw the need to revamp the coffee producing model early on and has since used his expertise to do just that, entering specialty facing markets.
  • Finca Campo Hermoso produces high quality, innovative coffees which have been used in competitions giving Campo Hermoso international recognition. Edwin is one of many small producers that work with the Santuario Project. The Santuario Project isolates exceptional lots from their producing partners and works with clients abroad to create beautiful results.



Processing details:

  • For the Carbonic Maceration Process, cherries are between 23-25 brix's level and soaked in water for 1 hour. This is followed by fermenting cherries in an anaerobic and Co2 rich environment for 87 hours with Mossto.
  • Coffee is sun dried on African beds for 20-24 days until humidity is down to 10.5 % . Final humidity stabilization for 8 days inside a warehouse (Fique Bags), then coffee is finally stored on grain pro bags for the final stabilization of (14-16 days).
  • Finally coffees are cupped and vacuum packed and prepared for export. Mossto is a concentrate of crushed cherry pulp, a technique similar to wine makers. Adding this gives the microbes extra sugar to process.


Colombia - Santuario Project Campo Hermoso - Geisha Carbonic Maceration

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