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JIBBI Littles, The World Aeropress Champion 2022

JIBBI is a skilled barista, coffee roaster, and latte art specialist. As the founder and chief designer of the popular JIBBIJUG milk pitcher, she has gained a prominent presence in the specialty coffee community. Additionally, she serves as a Q-grader, competition judge, and multi-award coffee roaster based in Sydney.


JIBBI's outstanding talent in latte art has brought her much recognition, including several prestigious awards. Her achievements include winning the World Aeropress and Australia Aeropress Championships in 2022.



JIBBI's best achievement in latte art.

- 11th place at the 2019 World Latte Art Championship

- 5 times NSW Latte Art Champion

- Current Australian Latte Art Champion 2019

- 15 Latteart Smackdown Winner 2014-2023


In her quest to provide the best coffee experience, she has recently taken on a new identity as a coffee roaster. In order to further extend her creative freedom, she is now roasting coffee under her own brand, hence bringing new and exciting flavours into the market. She has won 31 Coffee Roasting Awards medals since she began roasting the title in 2017.


Jibbi’s best achievement in Roasting so far

- Gold Award in Filter category - Golden Bean 2018

- Champion - CRS Roaster Smackdown 2019

- Gold awards Espresso Category 2020 – Australia International Coffee Awards

Judge experience 

  • ASCA NSW Latteart and Sensory Judge for Brewer Cup in 2016

  • International COE Sensory Judge in 2022.

  • Brewer cup Smackdown Judge in Sydney 2023

  • Alternative Latteart Smackdown al region 2022 -2023

Like many enthusiasts, Jibbi began her coffee journey as a humble barista in 2006. Combining her artistic talent, she quickly gained recognition in her ability to create awe-inspiring latte art. Later on in 2016 she is a creator of the best latteart milk jug in the market “JIBBIJUG”. 


Also known the Latte Art Queen, Jibbi created these high demanding milk pitchers back in 2016 which now comprise of 20 models. JibbiJug's unique design has all the right features to help you conquer even the toughest pours.

Overall, JIBBI's dedication and hard work have earned her much recognition and success in the coffee industry, and she continues to create new and exciting flavors for coffee lovers at "JIBBILITTLES COFFEE ROASTERS "to enjoy.


Since its conception, the Jibbijug has been meticulously crafted with versatility in mind, aimed at solving customer's problems with a product that excels in functionality, aesthetic and purpose.


Initially created to assist JIBBILITTLE in Latteart competitions, the rounded spout design was soon recognized by Jibbi's students as the leading jug for superior latteart results - leading to requests for autographed purchases. 


Throughout the years, through Jibbi's innovative spirit, the unusual eagle spout was born alongside the JIBBIJUG's signature pattern; handcrafted and embossed into every jug. Not only known for its advanced designs, JIBBIJUG was the first brand to engrave its logo into the metal, ensuring the highest quality and durability.


Following the success of the warrior versions 1-3, the 420ml jug guarantees value for money, fitting all cup sizes while reducing milk wastage for cafes. Going beyond the standard options, Jibbi's commitment to meeting specific design needs for cafes has evolved. Elegant patterns and ergonomic functionality have led to the creation of various versions, catering for specific needs including small/big handle and varied weighted jugs (light/ medium/ medium-heavy) to suit any trend.


Choose JIBBIJUG for a product that's not only functional but also effortlessly stylish and discover what makes it the go-to choice for coffee professionals everywhere!

Looking for a jug that offers exceptional functionality, stunning design, and unbeatable value for money? Look no further than the JIBBIJUG! Handcrafted with versatility in mind, this premium jug was created to help solve your everyday Latteart problems with ease and style.

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