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JIBBI Little

JIBBi is a barista, a coffee roaster and a latte art specialist. She is the founder and chief designer of the popular JIBBIJUG milk pitcher. She is part of the the speciality coffee community, a Sydney based Q-grader, competition judge and a Multi-Award coffee roaster.


JIBBI's best achievement in latte art.

- 11th place at the 2019 World Latte Art Championship

- 5 time NSW Latte Art Champion

- Current Australian Latte Art champion 2019

- 14 Latteart Smackdown Winner 2014-2019


In her quest to provide the best coffee experience, she has recently taken on a new identity as a coffee roaster. In order to further extend her creative freedom, she is now roasting coffee under here own brand, hence bringing new and exciting flavours into the market. She has won 31 Coffee Roasting Awards medals since she began roasting title in 2017.


Jibbi’s best achievement in Roasting so far

- Gold Award in Filter category - Golden Bean 2018

- Champion - CRS Roaster Smackdown 2019

- Gold awards Espresso Category 2020 – Australia International Coffee Awards

Like many enthusiasts, Jibbi began her coffee journey as a humble barista in 2006. Combining her artistic talent, she quickly gained recognition in her ability to create awe-inspiring latte art. Later on in 2016 she is a creator of the best latteart milk jug in the market “JIBBIJUG”. 


Also known the Latte Art Queen, Jibbi created these high demanding milk pitchers back in 2016.

JibbiJug's unique design has all the right features to help you conquer even the toughest pours.

What do you feel most proud of?

Designing and making the Latteart Milk pitchers which now comprise of 14 models in the last 2 years. And of course Being a 5 time winner of the Nsw Latteart Championship , Australia. 


From its inception as a thought the Jibbijug was created through a process of experimentation and a desire for versatility in order to produce a product that solved a problem. 


The idea and thought of creating a Unique Latteart jug and taking it to the market was based on three prerequisites. Those three were functionality, purpose and aesthetic. This would allow the end user complete enjoyment. 


In the early days the Jibbijug was created jonly to help JIBBILITTLE in  Latteart competitions. During this time she also used her very first prototype with its unique rounded spout in her classes and noticed the students overall latteart performance was much better than other jugs. I’m turn the students asked to  purchase them with a signed autograph as a memento. So the first design was with the Jibbilittle embossed signature. 


During the same time as the rounded spout was put out to test the market , Jibbi also created the unusual eagle spout which took a year to complete. At the same time she sought to rebuild the brand name & logo, and also won the NSW 2015 Latteart Champion with her free pours inversion swan tulips. 


That popular pattern became a signature pattern and in turn the brand of the company and produced on every single jug. 


JIBBIJUG was also the first jug that embossed its own logo into the metal instead of using laser like other brands.


Beyond the launch of the warrior versions 1-3, the sale of the jugs have recorded high sales and have proven very successful in the market. The creation of the 420ml jug suits all cup sizes and can help save cafe owners on milk wastage  as can steam right amount of milk for 12oz takeaway cups. 


However her mission has evolved to create more specific needs including type of cup within cafes ergonomic physical functionality and specific pattern design. 


This has lead to other versions which encompass options for small or big handle, and a variety of weighted jugs (light/ medium/ Meduim-heavy) to suit any needs and trends. 

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