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We accept payments in USD currencies: All transactions will be  carried out in USD Currency Only
If you credit card account is in a currency other than USD Dollars, you may be charged at a different exchange rate than what is quoted on our website. You may also be subject to a foreign currency transaction fee. Please consult your bank or credit card provider if you are unsure. We are not responsible for the exchange rate of any charges your bank or issuing credit card company may charge you.

​Delivery & Tracking

our package cannot be delivered without a a correct full delivery address and Mobile contact number.

If you are waiting for delivery of MILk JUGS and it is taking longer than 7 days after you received the tracking no. from us. Please immediately check Australia Postal service via

Please note! Once the parcel has reached your country, it is your responsibility to contact your local (government) post office in case of custom charges or pick up parcel.

Who should you contact in your country?
At below link, Please enter your country name and check more information from the overseas carrier at
"Delivery locations & exclusions"

Any customs, import duties and associated fees are the responsibility of the recipient and are charged once the parcel reaches its country of destination.

Thank you again for your order.If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to reach out.



Our products cater to the modern sophisticated tastes of cafe and baristas.

JIBBIJUG's distinctive and vibrant MILK PITCHER collection to create beautiful Latte art. Each piece of JIBBIJUG line, which includes Milk Jug, Apron, Tees, Merchandise and Accessories produced in limited runs. All items are inspired by the JIBBI LITTLE  "a Latteart Queen"


JIBBIJUG merchandise is available at wholesale pricing only to qualified retail buyers who are interested in specialty products unavailable elsewhere with minimum order of 2 Cartons.


If you are a retailer or wholesaler interested in carrying any of our lines of product, please contact


  • Only buy from our legitimate JIBBIJUG from an Authorized distributors in Thailand,  Dubai, Saudi Arabia,  Indonesia, and etc

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