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We offer a competitive wholesale price for our cafe or end customers to purchase at a discounted rate, which includes international express delivery costs to your country.


Shipping Note:

  • To keep shipping costs low and without any extra charges, our prices include DHL EXPRESS (dependent on the availability of services in each country - TNT/UPS/FEDX). Please track your parcel and contact the courier in case of customs charges or attempted delivery. We have no control over external issues that may arise in each country.

  • If your parcel is returned to us due to any reason, we will not reimburse the shipping fees. We reserve the right to charge you for the return express international shipping cost at $150 USD for SET OF 6 and $240 USD for SET OF 12.

  • Please note that we do not refund the cost of postage. Shipping costs are non-refundable. If you receive a refund, the cost of shipping to you will be deducted from your refund.

  • Therefore, please provide us with the correct full address, including the name, number, street, city, state, zip code, and mobile phone, at checkout.

  • Any customs, import duties, and associated fees are the responsibility of the recipient and are charged once the parcel reaches its country of destination. However, we will indicate a minimum amount of value per your request (please let us know in the message box).


By ordering with JIBBIJUG at a wholesale price, you agree and acknowledge the terms and conditions mentioned above.



JIBIJUG has been in the milk jug industry for seven years with a product line of approximately 20 milk pitchers. Our high-quality products have achieved successful sales records, making us one of the best high-end milk pitcher design in the market.


  • Our goal is to consistently provide innovative designs and good quality milk jugs that enable baristas to pour with jugs that designed in a way promotes defined, clear, and symmetrical latte art.

  • We have our own registered copyright, trademark, and design for JIBBIJUG MILKPITCHER in Australia, Europe, and China.

  • Authorized distributors may order a minimum purchase of one carton (54 pieces) and can contact for discount prices or use the contact form below. The price includes international delivery costs to your country.


Profit ratios are offered as follows:


  •  30% for 54 jugs or 1 carton 

  • 35% for 108 jugs or 2 cartons 

  • 40% for 216 jugs or 3 cartons


Please note that the order must be in quantities of 54 jugs as this is the minimum carton size for delivery. Any volume that is not fully in cartons will not be supplied to you. Prices only cover the milk jug and packaging, not merchandise items.


Sole or territory distributors are required to order a minimum purchase of four cartons (216 pieces) or maintain a minimum of 108 pieces a year for three consecutive years.


We are inviting applications for the position of authorized distributors of JIBBIJUG MILKPITCHER for the sale and distribution of our products. We are only looking for professional distributors with a strong financial standing and excellent operational skills. We prefer candidates with a background in coffee equipment operations, sales, and distribution.


We hope you consider our offer of distributor prices and look forward to establishing a mutually rewarding business relationship.





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