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  1. We are thrilled to be offering this limited crop and rare varities to you in exclusive 80g Tins,


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80g in a exclusive tin package (6 serves at 13g) This is our selection coffee from Hacienda Copey, When we cupped this coffee, the elegant floral aroma brought by its "terroir" and the smooth mouthfeel with sweetness such as stone and tropical fruits are outstanding." The most prestigious coffee competition, CUP OF EXCELLENCE COSTA RICA, was held in June 2021. It sets the value of coffee beans, and farms. Big congrtas to “HACIENDA COPEY” has won 2nd place. Flavours in the cup: Floral of Bergamot , Jasmine and Rose, Complex, Yellow Nectarines , Lingering, Sweet Aromatics, Malic, Dried Dates, Floral tea, Honey, Stone fruits, Honeysuckle, Creamy Texture and Balance About The coffee Location: Tarrazú, San José, Coasta Rica Altitude: 1,840-2,195m Variety: Geisha Process: Black Honey The coffee story HACIENDA COPEY has won the COE twice in the past. The coffee is grown in a terroir where a wide variety of plants grow in a microclimate with extreme temperature differences. Quality control by experienced staff and the challenge of innovative processing methods produce the highest quality. This micro lot #17 is a carefully selected coffee cherry from a plot called "Don KK", which has a large difference in temperature. Cherries that ripen slowly over time in areas with large differences in temperature will produce high quality coffee with high density and sugar content, leading to a complex flavor. The cherries undergo moderate anaerobic fermentation to enhance the red and tropical fruit-like flavors, and are then carefully dried on African beds.

Gesha Costa rica Hacienda copey 80g tin

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