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80G Tin 


We sourced this coffee directly from Jose GUILLERMO, we have selected his Anaerobic Gesha Wash #14 lot as the first thing you’ll notice is the aroma.

Super floral— jasmine and bergamot. There are huge taste notes of peaches and apricots upon the first sip, with subtle lemon-like acidity. This coffee is incredibly fruity and oh so sweet. The sweetness here is best described as like honey and dried apricots.



Abu Coffee 14-GW Cup Profile

Fragrance and Aroma: Lavender, lemongrass, Jasmine, and caramel.

Taste and aftertaste: Violets, Apricots, Stone fruits acidity, well balanced, juicy, intense sweetness, long finish, lactic, bright and medium body.



Coffee Name: ABU Geisha Ana Washed

Crop Year(s): 2021

Variety: Green Tip Geisha

Process: Washed, Double phased Anaerobic

Elevation: 1550 masl.

Slope: South of Barú Volcano Avg.

Temp: 10°C-23°C Avg.

Rainfall: 3,500 mm/year

Growing Region: Cañas Verdes Owner: Hacienda Cañas Verdes

About The Process and drying

  • The coffee is hand collected in the optimum maturation point and then hand-selected. Then we apply a double phase anaerobic process where the coffee cherries are pulped and “dry fermented” for up to 168 hours before being fully hand-washed with clean mountain water. Once the coffee has been fully washed, it is dried on raised beds for approximately 15 days

About Abu coffee

  • Abu coffee has been awarded in BOP competition inlast 5 years, this is truly from his dream of achieving what he considered the best in a cup of coffee, a geisha raised with the highest standards of quality. "ABU" (short for abuelo, grandfather in Spanish) as his grandchildren used to call him, represents the legacy of this visionary and passionate lover of Boquete and specialty coffee, that the family wants to preserve for the generations to come.
  • ABU COFFEE participated in 2017 for the first time in Best of Panama with its GEISHA WASHED RESERVA LUTTRELL and won the sixth place in this competition. ABU Coffee participated at the 2018 BOP competition, and achieved the 12th place with its Geisha Natural and 15th place with its Geisha Washed.


Award recognitions

Best of Panamá awards

  • 2021
    • #14 Geisha Washed
    • #5 Varietal Washed
    • #5 Varietal Natural
  • 2020
    • #11 Geisha Natural
  • 2019
    • #8 Geisha Washed
    • #12 Geisha Natural
  • 2018
    • #12 Geisha Washed
    • #15 Geisha Natural
  • 2017
    • #6 Geisha Washed

Coffee Review

  • 2020 **94 points Abu Coffee Geisha Natural

con Klatch

**96 points Abu Coffee Geisha Natural con KakaLove

Anaerobic Gesha Wash, Panama #lot14 from Abu coffee

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