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Chiroso from Finca Elpariso at Elpariso farm in Colombia is produced by Diego Bermudez.


Cup Profile:

  • This coffee is both delicate and substantial. If you swirl it around in your mouth, you'll experience a heavier body that's mildly spicy and sweet. It also has a lot of floral qualities that smell like lavender and perhaps some lavender or bergamot tastes.
  • One sip reminds me of ginger syrup, which is reminiscent of my favourite childhood Asian dessert. It has an intense sweetness that's reminiscent of raw sugar with hints of star anise.
  • The acidity is bright like apple acidity while it has a mild ginger sensation on the lips.



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  • The coffee undergoes anaerobic washed 48-hour fermentation with the selected microbial load.
  • It is important to note that while certain flavour compounds are present in the coffee, they are not artificially added. Instead, they are intentionally formed during the fermentation process using existing compounds.


Coffee Information

Origin:  Colombia

Region: Cauca, Piendamó, Tunía

Farm: El Paraiso

Producer: Diego Samuel Bermúdez Tapia

Fermentation Washed Thermal Shock

Variety: Chiroso 

Altitude: 1930m



About Producer

  • Diego Bermudez is a pioneering farmer who approaches innovation from a purely scientific standpoint. He was among the first farmers in Colombia to experiment with fermentation processes, utilizing various microorganisms and yeasts. To date, Diego has developed over 10 reproducible protocols or recipes, allowing him to produce his highly sought-after flavour profiles on demand. 
  • A strict regimen of almost industrial-style processing is the foundation of Diego's success, where cleanliness and a controlled environment are paramount. All cherries undergo a thorough washing with filtered water to remove any microorganisms present on the skins. Next, Diego introduces his own carefully crafted recipes of microorganisms into the fermentation process, based on a thorough organic compound analysis of the cherry contents. He then closely monitors fermentation levels through temperature, PH, pressure, and other environmental variables. 

Chiroso - Finca Elpariso by Diego Bermudez.

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