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Get this amazing 3 Filter coffee, price included DHL Express 

We are pleased to offer this quality Colombian set -filter roast, you can choose your 3 favourite coffee

  • Mikava CM NAT JIBBI's competition lot 1304
  • Mikava CM NAT 6D LOT 1512
  • Mikava Sudan Rume Cm NAT
  • Mikava Ethiopian Heirloom CM NAT
  • Chilli Bourbon Cm nat
  • Elpariso 92- Colombia Double Anaerobic washed 



Perfectly suited for all types of alternative brew methods and applications where a lighter roast depth is desired such as Aeropress, Syphon, Moccamaster, Pour Over (such as a V60) or Cold Drip 

Competition series No1

$105.00 Regular Price
$94.50Sale Price
Competition series
Competition series no2
Competition no3
Out of Stock
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