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If you're looking for an exceptional coffee experience, you must try the aroma of this coffee.

  • The scent alone is unforgettable, akin to being enveloped by a fresh bouquet of pink roses. But that's just the start.
  • Our unique roasting profile, combined with Wilton's fermentation process that includes carefully selected yeast and precise fermentation in both hot and cold water, produces a creamy body with tropical fruit notes that will transport your taste buds to paradise. Don't settle for ordinary coffee; indulge in something genuinely extraordinary.


Flavour notes:  Rose, Strawberry Yogurt and Candied pineapple, hints of jasmine. 


Thermal shock Process

  • This process involves picking and sorting the right cherries, anaerobic fermentation twice in a bioreactor with lager yeast for just over 2 and under 5 days, washing in warm and cold water to strengthen the flavour and sterilize the coffee, and drying to achieve 11% moisture content.


Pink Bourbon Coffee variety from Huila, Colombia

This type of coffee is named Pink Bourbon due to the unique feature of having pink berries instead of the typical red ones. The farmers in the area of Huila, Colombia create this variety by crossbreeding the yellow and red Bourbon. In addition to its distinctive appearance, Pink Bourbon is more resistant to leaf rust compared to the yellow and red species. The coffee has a flavorful combination of spicy-jasmine notes and a delicate hint of caramel.


Coffee Information

Altitude: 1750m

Process: Washed, controlled drying

Varietals: Pink bourbon Pink

Country: Colombia

Region: Piendamo, Cauca

Farm: Finca el Paraíso 92

Fermentation Washed Thermal Shock 

Roasting profile: Filter Roast

Roasted on Probat P5



  • Wilton Benitez is a Colombian coffee producer with extensive experience and numerous awards for his high-quality, exotic coffee. His family farm, Granja el Paraíso 92, uses innovative cultivation systems and scientific methods to produce unique and delicious coffees. They employ strict selection, sterilization, and fermentation processes to enhance the coffee's flavor and aroma.



Shipping Note

  • To qualify for free DHL shipping, we kindly ask that you order a minimum of three tins or any product above $100.


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