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Stuning coffee with this Tropical fruits flavours profile from Anaerobic process boost this coffee more bold with bloozy notes , a must try! Flavours Candy and Jammy fruits dominate the aroma and quickly follow through into the flavour profile, with a delicious combination of Snake fruit and Blozzy plum , chased by mango and Tropical fruits, delivered with a molasses


About the coffee


Origin: Ethiopia

Regional: Guji

Area: Kercha

Altitude: 1800 – 2000 masl

Farmers: 300+

Variety: Heirloom

Producer: Kercha Washing Station


About the coffee This coffee is grown by families in kercha area and they sell their cherries to the Mill that do all the anaerobic process . The Mill is located in Guji, Kercha and Gelan, Oromia, Ethiopia. In the southern Oromia region of Ethiopia, the Guji Zone is known for its many high-altitude coffee producing areas located within dense old forests, providing cooling shade for slow fruit maturation. The slow maturation, thanks to all the forest cover, produces exceptionally sweet coffee, exemplified by Ethiopia Kercha’s flavours of tropical fruit, strawberry but with the annaeriobice process it boost the flavour to be more exotic Tropical fruit. It’s a coffee that truly has it made in the shade.



V60: 15g / 250g / 2.3:00 mins / 93°


Ethiopia Anaerobic - Guji Kercha G1

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