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Ethiopia Anaerobic Kercha - Guji Hambela is a coffee that is highly recommended for making espresso. It has a delightful flavor profile, offering a sweet and fruity taste with hints of jammy fruits.

  • The combination of snake fruit and bloozy plum creates a unique and delicious experience. As you sip on this coffee, you will also notice flavors of mango and tropical fruits, accompanied by a touch of molasses. 
  • What sets this coffee apart is its excellent body and balance, which can sometimes be lacking in other coffees from this region. It can be enjoyed with any brewing method and is especially recommended for making espresso. It is even enjoyable when paired with steamed milk.



Coffee story

  • The story behind this coffee is quite exceptional. It comes from the Kercha woreda in the Guji zone of Ethiopia and represents the hard work of 650 producers. Each grower carefully picks their ripe cherries from their designated areas within the 1400-hectare region and sends them to the Kercha Washing Station for processing. This meticulous process ensures that the final product meets the highest standards.

Ethiopia Kercha - Anaerobic Espresso or Omni Roast

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