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Ethiopia Natural Anaerobic Shred dry

This coffee is Unique coffee with Anaerobi fermentation and Shred dry method that produce the cup quailty of this coffee. You will love this truly special coffee with Straweberry or soleberries jam.

Ethiopia Yirgacheffee- Halo-Beriti - ANAEROBIC SHRED DRY


Tasting Notes:   Strawberry jam all the way as it cools with long and smooth after taste

Aroma:               Berries, Strawberry and Cinnamon on break.
Cupping:            Lush berries, lactic winey, dark-chocolate, complex tropical fruit blend notes


Sun expose: Shade-Grown
Eleveation : 1800 - 2000 mm

Environment Freindly: Water source-river through gravity

Leng of Fermentation: 72 to 96 hours, depending on the PH level

Drying Period:  18 -21 Days depending on the weather


Processing Method

  • Only 100% red-cherry are hand-picked and sorted.

  • Floater beans removed via watering processing.

  • Drainage immediately

  • Beans tightly packed in sealed plastic barrels.

  • Oxygen is removed and replaced with Nitrogen, carbon dioxide and other by-products which let cherries ferment anaerobically.

  • Tightly closed and stored in a cool shady area.

  • PH level constantly controlled, air-released and gauged timely for even fermentation.

  • After the fermentation is completed, cherry is carefully removed from barrels and laid to sun-

    dry under cover on raised 180 African-beds.

  • The beds are made of bamboo, net-shade, mesh-wire, plastic for roof coverage.

  • The cherry is frequently turned to promote even drying. It takes approximately 18-21 days for

    cherry to dry depending on the weather conditions.

Ethiopia Yirgacheffee- Beriti - ANAEROBIC SHRED DRY


    Ethiopia Yirgacheffee- Beriti - ANAEROBIC SHRED DRY

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