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Elida Estate ASD RF 6D FALDA Natural Panama, boasting a 93 rating for the Fresh Crop of 2023 by @lamastusfamilyestates, presents tasting notes reminiscent of hibiscus, cherry jam, and forest berries. This coffee is remarkably juicy with a fruity and lively acidity, complemented by sugarcane sweetness and a coating texture.



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  • More than half of this farm is nestled within the Volcan Baru National Park, a protected ecological haven home to exotic plants, birds, and mammals, including the tropical tiger. Hunting has been banned on this farm for decades. The Baru volcano, one of Central America's tallest, boasts a vast expanse of 14,000 hectares with seven distinct climate zones dependent on elevation. Coffee at this farm flourishes up to 1,950 meters.
  • Several factors create a unique world for coffee production here: the farm's exceptionally high elevation, rich young volcanic soils, low temperatures, frequent fog and mist during the dry season, coffee trees enveloped by native cloudy rainforests, and chilly nights that extend the time needed for trees to start producing (1 1/2 to 2 1/2 years longer than average). These low temperatures also extend the ripening period by an additional month, resulting in the distinctive flavor profile of the beans.

Geisha Panama Elida Estate - FALDA (ASD)

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