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In 2021 Consuelo placed 11th in the Colombia COE competition for her Geisha Honey process.

Consuelo Maria Garcia is a Hardworking farmer who is also in front of the business innovating and creating projects with a help of the Santuario project.


Flavours Notes:

Lavender, Golden Kiwi, Grape and sweet spices. Round body with a silky texture and a long sugarcane-sweet finish.


Character:  Floral, Sweet and juicy with a long sweet finish. Silky and super clean.


Santuario Project

  • The Santuario Project was founded by Camilo Merizalde,  this project focus on biodynamics and

ecosystem to help producer like Consuelo Maria from San Jose creates the most

spectacular coffees in Colombia.

  • With the help of the project and the hard work of Consuelo Maria, our Gesha offered a much

sweeter, syrupy body, silky texture and floral notes. 


Coffee Information

Farm name: San Jose

Farm owner: Consuelo Maria Garcia Marin

Region: Quindio

Altitude (masl): 1800

Soil: Volcanic

Harvest period: April - May



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