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Gehsa Costarica, The sweetest coffee ever!

  • We are back to offer this Coffee again with Honey Process
  • You can expect Floral, Jasmine and Lemon Candy, the coffee is very sweet like Raw sugar and dried apricot. Overall this coffee is Very floral, juicy and Sweet.
  • HACIENDA COPEY” has won 2nd place COE completion in Costarica in 2021



Flavours in the cup:

Floral of Bergamot , Jasmine and Rose, Complex, Yellow Nectarines , Lingering, Sweet Aromatics, Malic, Dried Dates, Floral tea, Honey, Stone fruits, Honeysuckle, Creamy Texture and Balance


About The coffee

  • Location: Tarrazú, San José, Coasta Rica
  • Altitude: 1,840-2,195m
  • Variety: Geisha
  • Process: Honey


The coffee story

  • HACIENDA COPEY has won the COE twice in the past. The coffee is grown in a terroir where a wide variety of plants grow in a microclimate with extreme temperature differences. Quality control by experienced staff and the challenge of innovative processing methods produce the highest quality.
  • Cherries that ripen slowly over time in areas with large differences in temperature will produce high quality coffee with high density and sugar content, leading to a complex flavor. The cherries undergo moderate anaerobic fermentation to enhance the red and tropical fruit-like flavors, and are then carefully dried on African beds.


Please order a minimum of 3 tins for FREE DHL Shipping or with any product above USD 100

Hacieda Copey Gesha Honey- Costarica

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