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Mikava Lot 1304 -

NAT CM EXTENDED S.A.S.D: crop 2023

60g/ Tin

COE 2019 Winner! Floral, Hibiscus, Red plum, Raspberry and Red fruit.



High-intensity Cranberry acidity, Red fruit compote, heavy dried fruit sweetness, Full luscious body with a silky texture and a long sweet finish.


Flavour profile:

Aromatics: Raspberry, blackberry, Concord grape,

Taste: Raspberry, Red Plum, grape candy,

Acidity: High intensity/bright

Sweetness: Medium intensity/round

Body: Juicy/Syrupy



High-intensity blueberry acidity, fruit compote, heavy dried fruit sweetness



I chose this Mikava lot 1304 because the Triple Process compliments the Gesha varietal perfectly, giving this Gesha one of the most distinct, sweet, and full of red fruit notes.


Coffee Story

This coffee is exclusively produced by Paul Doyle from Finca Mikava at Santuario farm in Colombia, this is the winning farm from the Cup of Excellence Competition.

This Natural Gesha is an extended fermentation using Triple processing of Anaerobic, Aerobic and Solar aerobic slow dry.

This coffee was grown at 2000 meters, hand-picked and fermented in a sealed tank without oxygen for 6 days to bring out juicy and intense flavours. Later, it’s Sundried for 1 week and gone to a Solar slow dry on raised beds for 60 days to generate even further fruitiness and complexity.

JIBBI's Competition -MIKAVA Lot 1304 -GESHA NAT CM

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