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The KENDO = A sharp triangle spout and shorter tip.


0.7 mm milk pitcher is lighter than it’s Kendo 0.8 counterpart. Weighing at approximately 155g, it is best suited for latte art designs that require a lift pattern where you to raise your hand to create complex patterns.The lighter weight also helps baristas and latte artists to create newly invented patterns with fine definitions.


The Kendo 0.7 is recommended for

  • Beginners and experienced baristas/latte artists who prefer a lighter milk pitchers or who struggle using heavier ones
  • Beginners and experienced baristas/latte artists that want to improve their latte art techniques.-Basic, complex, pushing and lifting patterns.


JIBBI's Note

The kendo spout is specifically designed to be short, and protruded (hanging tip). We have been asked if this is a design defect but can assure customers that it is designed this way for pouring efficiency.


Color Coating Notes

  • Pro
    • The color plating (Teflon & Electroplating) application gives the jug a more attractive.
    • At Jibbi Jug we take the highest of care with the manufacturer to achieve even more sophisticated, decorative finishes that are both beautiful and durable and ensure that the standard of all coatings is acceptable.
  • Con.
    • In some area there will be a slight different color tones, and in very rare cases, *tiny soft spots, light haze or fine scratch line may appear on the external and internal surface on the metal. It all depends on the color schemes, machineing, finish, and material used for coating, and surface chemical treatments.
 This is common to all jugs when paint coatings to stainless steels surfaces .
    • There would be some unavoidable abrasions purely based on how the product needs to work and is not a defect. (*see photo)

Shipping Note
* Our prices are included the International shipping cost, If your parcel is being returned to sender due to any reasons. The shipping fees will not be reimbursed and we reserve the right to charge you for return shipping at $30 USD. Please provide us with a correct full address (Name, Number, Street, City, State, Zip Code and Mobile phone) at the check out.


Read before you buy

Please have a read of our information such as Our QC, Color coating, Refund, Return Policies and  etc. before you buy, click bullet on the right. By ordering JIBBIJUG you agree and acknowledge these terms and conditions.




    • Weight 150g.
    • Laser Welded Handle.
    • 0.7mm stainless steel Matt finished construction.
    • Height 9.5 cm. X Botom 8 cm X Top 6.8cm
    • 400ML capacity
    • 304 Stainless Steel grade
    • Maker: JIBBILITTLE