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This is a unique opportunity for coffee aficionados to experience some of the finest quality coffee available today.

  • The La Esperanza Natural Laurina is the latest addition to our competition series, showcasing an exceptional, rare low-caffeine Laurina variety. Meticulously harvested, well processed and carefully roasted from JIBBI, this coffee stands out for its exquisite flavour profile and limited edition offering.
  • Don't miss your chance to try this exclusive, highly sought-after brew. Order now and treat yourself to an unforgettable coffee experience. 


About the Laurina

  • Laurina coffee variety has naturally lower caffeine levels, ranging from 0.3-0.7%, this coffee offers a perfect alternative for those who want to avoid high levels of caffeine. 


Cup's expression 

  • The aroma from the grounds will entice your senses with a burst of fruity berries, with a lingering aroma of rooibos tea changing to raspberry as the coffee cools.
  • The full expression of this coffee is best enjoyed when savoured slowly, revealing its layers of sweetness throughout your cup.
  • The silky smooth milk chocolate finish pairs perfectly with the berry fruits, creating a lasting and enjoyable aftertaste.
  • Don't let the low caffeine content fool you - the Laurina beans are packed with flavour notes of berries, chocolate, and subtle honey sweetness. Its velvety body and distinct taste of strawberry and raspberry, intertwined with plum notes, make every sip a delightful experience.


Coffee Information:

Variety: Laurina

Process: Natural

Fram: La Esparanza

Fermentation: This coffee does not see an intentional fermentation stage - it's taken directly to silos to begin dehydrating.

Drying time: 2 days dried in a controlled temperature silo followed by 15 days on raised solar beds

Drying temperature: 32 °C Max. - 18 °C Min.  

Altitude: 1760masl

Region: Trujillo, Valle del Cauca


Coffee Story

  • Laurina, a type of coffee known for its strikingly low caffeine content, was first discovered in the 18th century on Reunion Island located in the Indian Ocean. Also referred to as Bourbon Pointu, this variety of coffee acquires its name from the island's previous name "Bourbon" and its distinctively elongated and pointed coffee beans.
  • The light and graceful Laurina is reminiscent of tea in its characteristics with a delightful sweetness, refreshing acidity, and an absence of bitterness. This coffee has a fruity and flowery flavour profile with hints of peach, papaya, plum, honey and a pleasingly aromatic floral essence.




  • Owned by Rigoberto and Luis Eduardo Herrera, third-generation coffee producers from a long-standing coffee-producing family. Their grandparents started coffee production at the Potosi farm in 1945.
  • Cafe Granja La Esperanza began when Juan Antonio Herrera and his wife Blanca Ligia Correa bought the land and added Red Bourbon, Yellow Bourbon, and Caturra cultivars. Soon after, they acquired land for Finca La Esperanza to expand their organic coffee production. The second farm, spanning 35 hectares, has a processing facility where Cerro Azul and La Esperanza coffees are perfected.
  • The highly coveted Laurina variety has a tear-drop appearance, hence the name Bourbon Pointu. This Laurina has low caffeine content, a bright acidity, and lovely sweetness. Harvested in purple, it is dehydrated for 48 hours in silos before being laid in raised beds under solar dryers for 15 days.


Shipping Note

  • To qualify for free DHL shipping, we kindly ask that you order a minimum of three tins or any product above $100.


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