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We have a special coffee available called Donbenji Natural Process from Panama. It was sourced directly and was difficult to find. This particular coffee is known for its clean and tea-like finish, which is rare to find in natural coffees.

  • It is fermented with lactobacillus Plantarum for 8 days, resulting in a unique combination of flavors. You will notice the lingering scent of orange blossom, and the taste of ripe stone fruits like peach and rose apple.
  • The acidity is reminiscent of juicy blackberries. The finish is smooth and clean, leaving a silky aftertaste.


Shipping note:

To qualify for free DHL shipping, we kindly ask that you order a minimum of three tins or any product above $100.


Coffee Lot & Processing 


  • On March 8, 2023, the cherries were carefully selected and transported in a refrigerated truck from the coffee region of Boquete to @lostorigincoffee Lab in Panama City. 
  • Upon arrival at the lab, the cherries underwent further selection before being inoculated with Lactobacillus Plantarum in our custom-made Fermentation Vessels. This process took place at a controlled temperature of 23 Celsius and under 17 psi of pressure from the naturally occurring CO2 within the vessel.
  • After 96 hours of controlled fermentation, the tank's temperature was reduced to 10 Celsius for further processing. Subsequently, the cherries were transferred to individual trays within our 3-stage drying room. The drying process occurred under conditions of clean air, with careful control of humidity and temperature. The cherries spent 52 days in this drying room before they were milled, sorted, and prepared for shipment.

Lost origin -Don benjie Nat

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