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Panama Altieri’s Natural Geisha processed by Lost Origin, undergo pressure fermentation using beer yeast and 47 days of Lab drying resulting in an juicy and dark fruit flavour.



Lavender, blackBerry, mandarine, Grape, Cansy, Yuze , floral & Juicy.

Size: 60g in aTin


This exceptional GESHA natural coffee from Atelier, which was processed by a small team known as "Lost Origin." This team comprises three individuals who immigrated from various countries and settled in Panama in pursuit of a better life. They brought their expertise from the world of craft beer brewing into the realm of coffee. Utilizing yeast, bacteria cultures, and meticulous lab-based drying, they maintain a consistently stable and clean flavor profile.


JIBBI's experience

Dao and I both used this coffee in our blend, and we both made it to the top 12 in the preliminary round of the Australian Brewers Cup.



It begins with cherries from Altieri being sterilized, followed by a 3-day fermentation in clean tanks with 'Kviek Voss' yeast and Lactobacillus bacteria for flavor development. Finally, the cherries are dried indoors on trays at 20°C for 47 days, resulting in a fruity, sweet, and clean profile while maintaining the terroir’s character.



Yeast: kviek Voss & lactobacillus


Lost origin:

Our background is in craft beer brewing. Our sister company Casa Bruja has been brewing beer for over 10 years.
After studying the available coffee processing practices, our first take was that a controlled and measured fermentation process using our know-how of fermentation and processing could aim to maintain a more consistent, stable, and clean flavor profile and bean quality.
Our goal is to study, learn and contribute to the post harvest processing world of Specialty Coffee.

Strict quality control and cleaning parameters would set us apart, in beer making 90% of your time is spent cleaning and sterilizing equipment before or after use.
We have applied those principles coupled with data gathering and standard operating procedures we seek to create standard best practices for coffee post-harvest processing.
Coffee fermentation is going through an exploratory phase with lots of experimentation, our goal is to center our attention on the role of microbes in coffee processing and how those microbes have an impact on the final cup.
That is why we created a lab in which we can control as many variables as possible, from clean fermentation tanks to drying rooms in which air quality is constantly being cleaned with HEPA filters.
In short, I would say the yeast and bacteria culftFures we use coupled with indoor controlled drying and bringing knowledge from craft beer brewing which is an industry with years of experience, are what set our processing apart.

Lost Origin- Panama Alteri Geisha lot 011-019

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