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Magic can happen. The Magician. 420ml, Suit 3-10 oz cups, Fit 12 oz with Espresso shot

  • The Magician combines the best features of other jugs and creates a milk jug that works like magic.
  • The curved spout allows small leaves or tulips to form easily
  • For Intermediate who pour with the spout closer to the surface naturally
    • Suitable for All Basic Patterns \ Drawing Patterns in 8 - 10 oz cups.
    • For users who are not so familiar with a super pointy jug
  • The jug weighs 180g with a thickness of 0.8m is perfect for all basic patterns that require the use of the pushing technique, perfect for drawing and the right pushing amount throughout the crema
  • Bestseller, a favourite of all Youtubers
  • UNISEX Laser Welded Handle
  • 6.5 cm Top dia, 10 cm height
    • The height makes it easy to hang the jug on the machine for high-volume cafe
    • Perfect height and wide bottom help to gain more milk volume without feeling heavy when you do a free drawing.


Why 420ML size is best? 


  • Unique design with new height/ body shape and Curved spout (1.8 cm long) available in the market



  • We selected a specific metal sheet to get the same weight as our Warrior series for best Latteart control, so this metal material and Matt (brush) finish can not make such a flawless finish. please check our video by clicking next in the photo section.
  • The grain of the steel (scratches) refers to the fine lines that can be seen in brushed stainless. If the stainless steel is highly polished (X-Men Series) and shiny like a mirror then you will not see any grain in this case.




  • During a tulip pour, the loop side occurs when the jug is lifted too high, causing it to not pour straight each time for an unskilled barista. To avoid this, pour the jug closer to the surface, ensure that the jug is centred, and almost touch the surface.

  • The symmetry and appearance of the spout design were questioned; however, it was intentionally made for efficient pouring, taking inspiration from the beak of an eagle. The steel jugs may have a degree of tolerance and variance during production, but we ensure that these remain within acceptable levels.

  • We promise that our Jibbi Jug is fault-free and designed to last for years. Once familiarized with the jug, you will have mastered a very useful skill.


Magician: Rosegold
Out of Stock
  • Spech

    • Size 420ml Capacity.
    • Eagle Spout with narrow opening ( not super pointy- good for drawing animal face)
    • Approx. 7 cm diameter, 10 cm height.
    • 0.8mm Matt finished Thickness.
    • Weight 185g.
    • High Quality Stainless Steel Grade 304
    • Maker - JIBBILITTLE.
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