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Gesha Santuario Reserva, winner, WBRC 2022, crop 23 , selected for competition by paul (direct trade)


This coffee (GS6D)was used to win the world brewers' cup

Big congrats to this outstanding coffee from MIKAVA Santuraio -farm not only winning the best cup in the world but also a COE 2019 Winner! This coffee was produced by Paul Doyle


Competition story

I have received 2 lots for here competition one is GS 6D lot 1512 and one is GS Extended fermentation lot 1304. So JIbbi's can not decide which lot to use as both of them are by far the most delicious geisha with well-executed CM processes that still highlight the flavour integrity of geisha to shine.

Finally I choose lot 1304 for my competition and launch this as my exclusive competition series




Full luscious body with a silky texture and a long sweet finish. Fruity yet super-clean. Rose Floral, Hibiscus, peach, nectarine and Stone fruit and Raspberry.


Character: Peach blossom flavour notes with a long sweet finish. Silky and super clean.


Coffee Story

This amazing coffee comes from a small farm owned by Paul Doyle and his son Kevin. Finca Mikava was founded in 2013 when the Doyle family bought their first 6-hectare farm. Paul started his journey in coffee owning a cafe and roastery in the USA before fulfilling his dream to own a coffee farm and produce incredible coffee using experimentally processed and rare and unique varietals.

They specialize in carbon maceration producing a range of incredible coffee using this method. In 2019 they won first place at the Colombia Cup of Excellence competition with a natural Geisha scoring an incredible 92 points!

World Brewers cup recipe

Brewer OREA V3 Black

‣ 14g coffee to 200g water

‣ 75% (10.5g) coffee ground "1000 microns"

‣ 25% (3.5g) coffee ground "800 microns"

‣ Add 50g pour every 30 seconds

‣ 1st pour 70'C water at 75ppm

‣ Remaining pours 95'C water at 90ppm

MIKAVA GESHA CM 6D- LOT 1512 winner, WBRC 2022

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