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60g (4 serves -15g each)


It's always a pleasure working with Forest Green coffee which offers this rather remarkable Gesha produced from El Vergel, but this micro-lot raises the bar. This is one of the most complex and delicious coffees we've tasted in recent memory, and its quality of it solidifies Elias and Shady Bayter's standing among the top coffee producers in Colombia.


This is a complex profile and is one of the highest-scoring coffees we've had from the El Vergel project.

Innovative processing when used correctly can lift an already fantastic coffee into something truly spectacular.



Tasting Notes

: Mango, Papaya, Red Cherry, Lavender, Cacao Nibs Liquor, Tropical Fruit Punch


: CM with Lixiviates


: Bronze Tip geisha (Huge bean)


: Pink Modern tin 60g (Filter) 6serves at 15g each




This Bronze-Tip Gesha was processed with over 98% of its cherries at their optimal maturation using an experimental, 2-step fermentation process developed by Elias and Shady Bayter.




First, an anaerobic fermentation – for this the coffee cherries are placed in a low oxygen environment (in this case sealed, airtight bags submerged in water) for 48 hours. Generally, anaerobic fermentations give coffees brighter, more crisp tasting notes than traditional processing methods.


After 48 hours the cherries are moved to airtight barrels which are pumped full of CO2. The cherries stay in these barrels for 96 hours undergoing carbonic maceration. This is a process that originated in winemaking. However, carbonic maceration has taken a foothold in the coffee community in recent years and is renowned for the winey, red fruit-tasting notes it offers.

Afterwards, the cherries are moved to a temperature-controlled environment, kept between 84 and 89 degrees Fahrenheit for 23 days. Finally, the dry cherries are moved to GrainPro bags where they rest for 45 days before being milled and vacuum sealed for shipment.



"This is our second experiment using only Bronze-Tip Gesha, which started with our amazing Jupiter Gesha. This time, the Bayter brothers decided to take the process a little bit farther and made it to the "moon" (Yes that's why it's called Moon Gesha). All we can say about this coffee is that it's a complex profile, and is one of the highest-scoring coffees we've had from the El Vergel project

MOON GESHA (Bronze Tip)

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