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Introducing the MusketeerV4 V2 – now even lighter at 190g with a short handle, perfect for intricate designs. The lightweight design allows for more precision and less pressure, ensuring no spills. Effortlessly draw on surfaces like a pen.

🌟 Pro Features:

    â€¢    Lightweight at 190g, 0.7mm for intricate patterns.
    â€¢    Short handle ideal for small hands or females.
    â€¢    Same short handle as our Ironman version, designed for dragging with semi-foam alloy.
    â€¢    Ample space for the palm, providing better control for drawing patterns.
    â€¢    Suitable for anyone preferring a small handle for closer control to the jug’s body.
    â€¢    Milk frothing measuring lines and model name help achieve the perfect froth and minimize wastage.
    â€¢    Ideal for basic pushing patterns in small cups (10-6 oz size).



  • Thin, embossed Swan Logo compared to V1, this design is chosen for authentic reasons.
  • Possible dents or factory marks may appear inside or outside the jug, mainly at the bottom , but they are non-toxic and won't affect your pours. These marks are not defects, damages, or from transit, as the material is 0.7mm, making it susceptible to factory marks or dents compared to 0.8mm thickness.
  • Wire markings inside the milk jug are normal during electroplating, occurring as the wire holds the jug in place. This doesn't indicate any defects or poor production.
  • Rainbow-plated jugs showcase a variety of colors, and occasional soft spots may occur (refer to photo) but are not considered defects.
  • After initial use, fingerprints may appear on the Matte Coating. This is not a color defect, and using Glass spray followed by wiping with a microfiber cloth will remove these marks.
  • Purple gold Matt achieves its purple shade by blending various tones, resulting in a unique mix. The matte finish may cause the color to subtly change after a single wash.


Jibbi's Notes

  • If your pour appears crooked, the misalignment is not caused by the jug's spout or handle, as they fall within acceptable tolerance limits.
  • The sharply pointed spout, intentionally shaped like an eagle's beak, is designed for clean lines and bold contrasts. This design demands a steady hand and precise movements due to its pointed shape, allowing little room for error. While challenging initially, practice will undoubtedly improve your pouring skills. I recommend avoiding blaming the tool without exploring other factors.
  • During a tulip pour, beginners often tilt or hold the pitcher unevenly, leading to crooked pours. To prevent this, keep the cup level, align the spout center, and ensure your arm stays parallel to the cup. Slowly pour onto a dry canvas in the center, keeping the pitcher close to the surface. Avoid lifting it too quickly or too high, as this can cause it to lose position and result in a lopsided pour.
  • Once you become familiar with it through practice, the pitcher can assist you in mastering this highly useful skill. However, if you find it challenging to hold cups and pitchers correctly and prefer a simpler pour, we suggest considering our rounded spout model.


Please carefully assess the quality condition of our milk jugs as refunds or exchanges are not available. 

  • Prior to shipment, all jugs are inspected. Please be aware that there may be small, but acceptable, variations in the spouts, handles, and bodies between the left and right sides due to natural tenacity and tolerance in the production process.
  • Handle alignment may vary by 1-2mm, which falls within an acceptable tolerance level and does not impact pouring or pouring technique.
  • Laser welding will leave visible marks on the inside of the handle, but this is not a defect and will not lead to rusting. 
  • While polishing or coating the metal, it may come into contact with another object, resulting in minor scratches on the exterior and interior surfaces of the jug. Although we make efforts to carefully inspect each jug, we cannot guarantee that every stainless steel product will be completely scratch-free.
  • By agreeing to purchase a color-coated jug, you acknowledge that the mentioned conditions are not defects but rather part of the production process, which may include minor scratches and factory marks on both the exterior and interior surfaces. Please note that any plated item will naturally tarnish over time and with use.


Read Before You Buy

  • Review our QC, alignment, color coating, return/refund, and No Change of Mind policies before placing your order. Please agree to these policies.
  • Check item quality before first use. If you have any issues, please report us within 3 days of receiving it, along with the order number and proof of Unboxing. 
  • No refunds allowed for a change of mind or incorrect selections or after used. 
  • Color coating may peel, fade, or discolour over time. 
  • Contact us within 3 days to replace major coating issues or defects not mentioned before use.
  • Signs of used jugs void Return policies

Musketeer V4 V2

Musketeer v4 v2
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