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Try this amazing like 'Gehsa Coffee" Colombian Pink Bourbon with special Tropical Fruit cup characteristics. It is one of the cleanest carbonic maceration natural you must try! 


Tasting Notes: Ripe Pineapple, Passionfruit, Strawberry, Brown spice, Cinnamon.

Process: Natural Carbonic Maceration

Weight: 380g


  • Upon grinding you will notice a mixture of apricot and red cherry. Then, as the water hits the grounds for the first-time, new aromas of Tropical fruit punch, Strawberry and cinnamon will be released.
  • Balance and Silky texture. 


Coffee Information

Farmer: Oliverio Ruiz

Farm: Finca La Esperanza located in Acevedo, Huila

Region: Acevedo, Huila

Location: Villa

Varietal: Pink Bourbon

Process: Natural - CM

Altitude: 1600 - 1800 masl.

Drying: African Beds.


Coffee Processing


  • This is one of Sara Gutierrez newest projects in the region of Acevedo, Huila also known as the land of Pink Bourbon.
  • The coffees that you are tasting at the moment are a semi replica of the CM done by Sara with her Yellow Colombia varietal in Quindio
  • First, the cherries are monitored and picked once they have reached a minimum of 24 Brix, with some of them going up to 26 even 27.
  • By the end of each day, Oliverio does a selective process of any defective cherries and foreign material, then he proceeds to put all of this RAW material in plastic bins where the cherries are fermented as a whole.
  • He usually ferments these coffees for a minimum of 72 hours at controlled (medium temp.) environments that allows him to increase the sweetness and complexity of his cup.
  • Due to lack of equipment, such a depulper is How we started creating processes that could allow farmers to utilise their cherries as a whole, avoiding extra investment.



Coffee story

  • During harvesting in southern Huila, Colombia, farmers noticed a difference in some trees producing Caturra and Typica species. The fruits of these trees were pink rather than red or yellow, and yielded a cup of coffee that was exceptional in sweetness and flavors, just like Geisha.
  • This crop is distinguished by the anaerobic natural carbonic maceration method which under Sara Gutierrez newest projects.



Farmer/ Producer


  • Oliverio Ruiz is a Coffee farmer from the municipality of Acevedo Huila. Oliverio is a humble and hard-working man, passionate about bringing his family forward. He is the father of two girls and together with his wife Sandra Janeth de Ruiz, he grows his pink Bourbon coffee trees in their Farm “La Esperanza” (The Hope) which is literally the last house that you’ll find within the mountain of the village El Recreo de Acevedo Huila. In fact you could literally see the virgin jungle from the Caqueta state, which also contributes to the fertility of Oliverio’s farm
  • Due to certain economic issues, Oliverio can’t rely on seasonal pickers, so he’s the main worker along with his neighbor Ancizar Lanza.
  • Oliverio’s first approach to specialty coffees was 2 years ago, through Farmore who has always loved this type of processing. He sold his pulped coffee without any type of drying and having very little use for his coffee. Thanks to this project, Oliverio has been able to build a small dryer on his farm and is highly motivated to continue growing their dreams.

Pink Bourbon CM - La Esperanza Colombia

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