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Shogun 600ML is a versatile piece that seamlessly combines all of the signature features of the JIBBI JUG line, including a pointy spout and a round spout.

  • This top-of-the-line Shogun series boasts both pointed and rounded spouts, as well as lip control, resulting in a jug that works well with both regular and alternative milk. Additionally, this jug offers unparalleled control over fine lines, drawing, and dragging - making it one of the best drawing jugs from JIBBI.



  • Designed for the WLC Competition or any "smackdown," this jug was a labor of love for its creator, taking a year to complete.
  • Its lip design ensures that you can drag with precision and reduce the chance of blurring or sinking, while the pointed and rounded spouts work with any style of latte art and milk alternative.
  • Include a new JIBBIJUG embossed logo.
  • A 0.7mm thickness allows for easy modification of the spout to suit any design pattern
  • A laser-marked measurement scale with the series name "Shogun," and a limited competition edition. 



  • There may be dents or factory marks on the jug, mainly at the bottom. These imperfections are due to the material being 0.7mm thick, which makes it easier to get factory marks or dents than thicker materials. They are not defects or damages from transit.

  • Wire markings on the inside of the milk jug are a normal occurrence during the electroplating process. The wire is used to hold the jug in place during electroplating, so the mark will appear after the process is complete. This marking does not signify any defect or poor production.
  • Rainbow-Black color jugs with electroplating display a spectrum of colors, creating different hues on the spout, body, or handle. Small soft spots may appear but are not defects.

  • For Mulberry Matt, a slight discoloration patch on the jug's belly area may occur due to unevenness, causing an irregular spray pattern. This problem isn't found in other colors. Creating the purple shade involves blending diverse tones, resulting in a unique mix. The matte finish might cause the color to darken or lighten after one wash.

  • After the first use, fingerprints will easily show on the Matt Coating. This is not a color defect, and spraying the surface with Glass spray and wiping with a microfiber cloth will remove the marks.


JIBBI's Note

  • The Matt finish is the best option for drawing patterns as it is designed with slip-reducing properties that allow for a tight grip. The shiny finish, on the other hand, will need a few washes to reduce its slippery qualities.
  • Adding more pressure while pouring into a 12 oz cup will make the jug heavier, especially with basic pour designs. 


Please take note that refunds or exchanges are not offered under the following conditions.

  • Prior to shipment, all jugs are inspected. Please be aware that there may be small, but acceptable, variations in spouts left vs right, handle and body due to natural tenacity.
  • Handle alignment may vary by 1-2mm that meets an acceptable level of tolerance, but this does not affect the pouring or pouring technique

  • Welding marks may be visible on the handle's inside from Laser welding, but it is not a defect and will not rust.
  • During the polishing or coating process, the metal may come into contact with another object, causing minor scratches to the exterior and interior surfaces of the jug. While we strive to ensure that each jug is carefully inspected, there is no guarantee that every stainless steel product will have a scratch-free surface, as indicated in our reference photos.
  • By agreeing to purchase a colour-coated jug, you acknowledge that the aforementioned conditions are not defects but rather part of the production process, including minor scratches and factory marks on both the exterior and interior surfaces. Keep in mind that anything plated will naturally tarnish over time and with wear.


Read Before You Buy

  • Please review our policies on QC, alignment, color coating, returns and refunds, and no change of mind. Agree to all policies before placing your order.
  • Check the item's quality before first use. If you encounter any issues, please report them to us within 3 days of receiving the item, along with the order number and proof of unboxing.
  • The color coating may peel, fade, or discolor over time.
  • Choose colors based on names, not photos. Some items may lack photos or accurate links. 

  • If there are any major coating issues or defects that were not mentioned before use, please contact us within 3 days to arrange a replacement.
  • Note that signs of used jugs will void the return policy.



  • Our prices include DHL EXPRESS shipping ($60 /jug) with no additional fees at checkout.
  • Please ensure the correct delivery address as JIBBIJUG will not issue refunds or replacements for incorrectly entered addresses.
  • Local taxes, import/customs duties, and additional costs are not included in shipping fees and are the responsibility of the customer. If there are charges for your order that you do not want to pay for, JIBBJUG will not refund or reimburse your order.
  • Your items have been declared as low value though. Enjoy!


    • Slight variations in stainless steel milk jugs are normal due to the production process. We ensure these differences stay within an industry-standard tolerance of 1-2mm.
    • To maintain consistency, we use the Paper Metric Scale method. We place the jug upside down, align the spout's tip to the midpoint of the scale, and adjust the rim until it matches the same number on both sides. This precise method ensures accurate alignment beyond visual inspection.
    • During manufacturing, we carefully align each jug. While small variations of 1-2mm can occur due to material properties, we rigorously inspect every jug before packaging and shipping.
    • At JIBBIJUG, we perform thorough checks on finish, color, and alignment to ensure you receive a product that meets our standards, as detailed on our website.
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