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Introducing the Supermagic 420ml milk jug, expertly crafted for flawless tulip pours.

  • This jug is remarkably lightweight, incorporating the best features from our previous models. The spout is designed with a gentle outward curve and thin material, making it effortless to shape according to your preference.
  • Whether you prefer a more refined or a rapid pouring style, you can easily adjust the spout to match your precise pouring needs.



  • Easily modified using piler by applying slight pressure to the curved sides.
  • Super lightweight and sleek, weighing only 160g and measuring 0.7mm thick.
  • Specifically designed for creating intricate tulip patterns effortlessly.
  • Perfect for drawing in 10 oz cups, minimizing milk wastage even in 12 oz cups.
  • Ideal for cafes and competitions, showcasing the embossed JIBBJIUG brand.



  • Please be aware that this product's lightweight design (160g, 0.7mm) may result in small dents and scratches (factory marks). These imperfections are visible on the surface. The coating is visually pleasing, but the underlying material may still be noticeable. Please review the photo references and accept the condition before purchasing.
  • Rainbow-plated will show wire marks on the handles from the Electroplating process. These rainbow jugs may have varying hues in each jug and may be visible in some small spots. please note that these are not considered defects.
  • After the first use, fingerprints will easily show on the Matt Coating. This is not a color defect, and spraying the surface with Glass spray and wiping with a microfiber cloth will remove the marks.



What are the differences between our 420ml product line?

  • The X-Men is designed for those who tend to tilt the cup too early; its longer and tapered spout helps the foam reach the surface more easily (180g).
  • Supermagic features an outward-curving spout that works best for versatile designs (160g). Additionally, Magician (180g) is available.
  • Superwoman, on the other hand, has an inward-curving spout that enhances the definition of lines. The lines will progressively get smaller as you wiggle the cup (170g).


Jibbi's Notes

  • When using the Model, you can easily modify the shape with minimal effort. Just use pliers to bend the curve gradually, testing until you achieve the shape that suits your needs.
  • If your pour is crooked, instead of blaming the tool, consider other factors. Our spout and handle are made within acceptable tolerance limits. The pointed spout is intentionally designed for clean lines and bold contrasts. However, it requires steady and precise movements due to its limited margin for error compared to a larger spout. With practice, your pouring skills will improve.
  • To prevent crooked pours during a tulip, keep the cup level and align the spout center. Your arm should stay parallel to the cup. Pour slowly onto a dry canvas in the center, keeping the pitcher close to the surface. Avoid lifting it too quickly or too high, as this can cause the pour to become lopsided.


Please carefully assess the quality condition of our milk jugs as refunds or exchanges are not available. 

  • Prior to shipment, all jugs are inspected. Please be aware that there may be small, but acceptable, variations in the spouts, handles, and bodies between the left and right sides due to natural tenacity and tolerance in the production process.
  • Handle alignment may vary by 1-2mm, which falls within an acceptable tolerance level and does not impact pouring or pouring technique.
  • Laser welding will leave visible marks on the inside of the handle, but this is not a defect and will not lead to rusting. 
  • While polishing or coating the metal, it may come into contact with another object, resulting in minor scratches on the exterior and interior surfaces of the jug. Although we make efforts to carefully inspect each jug, we cannot guarantee that every stainless steel product will be completely scratch-free.
  • By agreeing to purchase a color-coated jug, you acknowledge that the mentioned conditions are not defects but rather part of the production process, which may include minor scratches and factory marks on both the exterior and interior surfaces. Please note that any plated item will naturally tarnish over time and with use.


Read Before You Buy

  • Review our QC, alignment, color coating, return/refund, and No Change of Mind policies before placing your order. Please agree to these policies.
  • Check item quality before first use. If you have any issues, please report us within 3 days of receiving it, along with the order number and proof of Unboxing. 
  • No refunds allowed for a change of mind or incorrect selections or after used. 
  • Color coating may peel, fade, or discolour over time. 
  • Contact us within 3 days to replace major coating issues or defects not mentioned before use.
  • Signs of used jugs void Return policies



  • Our prices cover DHL EXPRESS shipping ($60/jug) without extra charges at checkout.
  • Ensure accurate delivery addresses as refunds or replacements won't be issued for incorrect entries.
  • Additional costs like local taxes, import/customs duties are not included and are your responsibility. JIBBIJUG won't refund or reimburse orders for unwanted charges.
  • Your items are declared as low value. Enjoy!


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