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The Warrior X Men- Magneto is a handleless Milk jug, a mutation of two of our most popular milk jugs.

  • It embraces Magician’s body and Warrior’s spout. Weighing in at 180g it is great for all basic patterns that require the use of a pushing technique, with great results for all wing-tulips styles.
  • One of the advantages of the 180g milk jug is that it allows you to set down your pattern easily with control and precision, even with a thick crema.
  • It is recommended for beginners to practice with a Rosetta pattern on this model, as beginners can experience difficulty with the loop side or tipping the tulip incorrectly due to holding the jug incorrectly, causing the pour to be off-center.

  • Perfect for Wing tulips and Slowsetta patterns



  • It fits 3-10 oz cups, but can also fit 12 oz cups with an Espresso shot.
  • Its weight of 180g and a thickness of 0.8mm, making it perfect for all basic patterns that require the pushing technique.
  • The medium weight helps set the pattern down easily and push through thick crema.
    • Although advanced patterns, dark roasts, thick crema and gassy coffee drawings are possible, it is recommended to use 8-10 oz cups.
  • The UNISEX Laser Welded Handle adds versatility, while the 6.5cm top diameter and 10cm height provide ample space for your latte art creations."



  • Suitable for all beginners who have not yet mastered pouring close to the surface.
  • The wide and extra-long pointed spout aids in reaching the surface more easily.


Comparison with the Magician:

  • This model has the same body, weight, and shape as the Magician, but it has a pointier, longer and wider spout. The leaves produced with this model are wider than those produced by the Magician.


Jibbi's note

  • During a tulip pour, the loop side occurs when the jug is lifted too high, causing it to not pour straight each time for an unskilled barista. To avoid this, pour the jug closer to the surface, ensure that the jug is centred, and almost touch the surface.

  • The symmetry and appearance of the spout design were questioned; however, it was intentionally made for efficient pouring, taking inspiration from the beak of an eagle. The steel jugs may have a degree of tolerance and variance during production, but we ensure that these remain within acceptable levels.

  • We promise that our Jibbi Jug is fault-free and designed to last for years. Once familiarized with the jug, you will have mastered a very useful skill.


Please take note that refunds or exchanges are not offered under the following conditions.

  • Before shipment, all jugs are inspected. Please be aware that there may be small, but acceptable, variations in spouts left vs right, handle and body due to natural tenacity.
  • Handle alignment may vary by 1-2mm that meets an acceptable level of tolerance, but this does not affect the pouring or pouring technique

  • During the polishing or coating process, the metal may come into contact with another object, causing minor scratches to the exterior and interior surfaces of the jug. While we strive to ensure that each jug is carefully inspected, there is no guarantee that every stainless steel product will have a scratch-free surface, as indicated in our reference photos.


Read Before You Buy

  • Please read our policies before making a purchase, including our QC, Alignment and Color Coating, Return and Refund, and No Change of Mind policies. By ordering JIBBIJUG, you agree to and acknowledge all of these terms and conditions.
  • Please choose your items carefully as refunds will not be provided if you have simply changed your mind, made an incorrect selection, or found the goods cheaper elsewhere.
  • Once you have received your item(s), please thoroughly check the quality before first use. For any problems that are not already mentioned above, please report to us immediately with an Unboxing video or photo recording of the moment when a certain product is opened.
  • We do not offer any warranty for colour coating after being used since any coating will eventually peel, fade, and discolour. (Please see our cleaning instructions to prolong the life of the jug)
  • We offer a replacement for major colour coating issues or defects that not mention above before use. Any signs of used jugs will void our Return policies.



  • Our prices are Included in DHL EXPRESS ($60 Flat rate/ Jug), with no extra shipping fee at check out, these DHL charges are non-refundable. 
  • It is your responsibility to ensure they enter the correct delivery address. If an address is entered incorrectly and as a result delivered to the wrong address JIBBIJUG will not issue a refund or replacement. 

  • Shipping fees do not include local taxes or import/customs duties or any other additional costs.  These are the responsibility of the customer. If such charges apply to your order and you do not wish to pay them JIBBJUG will not issue a refund or reimbursement for your order. However, we have declared your items as low value for you. so enjoy!


Silicone: Black
  • Please choose carefully, as we do not offer refunds on purchases made unless the product is faulty.

    • We check all jugs with a tolerance of 1-2mm and pass them through QC before posting them to you. If you receive a jug and are not 100% happy with it, please contact us immediately, and we will do our best to resolve the problem.
    • Our policy does not allow for changes of mind. However, if you wish to exchange or return an unused product, it will be at your own expense. Please email or call us to notify us of your intention, and we will send you all relevant information via email. Please note that customers are required to send the jug back to us and need to pay a return postage cost of USD 60 a jug back to you.
    • We will happily exchange or provide a credit note for items that are returned complete and unused in their original packaging (to ensure protection while in transit). Items must be returned to us within 14 days of the invoice date and must include the original sales receipt.

    Not faulty or defective. No refunds for the following matters.

    • The factory material marks, such as scratches or small dents, are merely cosmetic from the polishing process and will not affect the jug's use or be toxic.
    • Heat marks may appear during the laser process used to join the handle and body together with high heat.
    • Color marks, such as light haze or fine scratches or soft spots, may occur during the color coating process.
    • There may be a tolerance of about 1-2mm in the alignment of the spout, handle, and other parts of the jug, as all stainless steel has its material tenacity.
    • Quality control is measured using the paper matrix scale, and measurements should not be taken with the naked eye or a ruler. The Teflon coating may peel off or scratch as a result of use, or interactions with other utensils or heat.
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