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Introducing the new Warrior X-Men V2! in steel color

  • After the limited edition Warrior X-Men V1 sold out, Jibbi has released an improved version. The V2 features a unisex handle design suitable for everyone and enhanced coating quality on the thinnest materials. The new handle design offers better control and provides more space for your palm to grip.
  • Creating a stunning finish on thin material is challenging, but this series has fewer factory defects and looks more impressive compared to other models.



  • Accommodates 3-10 oz cups, with 12 oz cups possible for Espresso shots.
  • Lightweight at 180g and 0.8mm thick, ideal for basic patterns requiring the pushing technique.
  • Medium weight aids in setting patterns and pushing through thick crema. Best used with 8-10 oz cups for advanced patterns, dark roasts, thick crema, and gassy coffee drawings.
  • New unisex laser-welded handle provides extra palm space.
  • Dimensions: Top diameter of 6.5cm, height of 10cm.
  • Perfect for Wing tulips and Slowsetta patterns.



  • The imperfections on the jug, such as minor factory marks or scratches that may occur but are almost invisible in this series, cannot be guaranteed due to the 0.7mm thickness of the material, rather than transit-related damages or defects.


Jibbi’s Notes

  • If your latte art appears crooked during pouring, it might not be due to misaligned spouts or handles. Our jugs are crafted with precise tolerance limits. The pointed spout design allows little margin for error, requiring a steady hand and precise movements. In contrast, jugs with large round spouts offer more forgiveness when off-center. Practice will refine your technique, so avoid prematurely attributing issues to the jug alone; consider other factors.
  • During tulip pours, beginners often tilt or grip the pitcher unevenly, lifting too much for each layer of the tulip, resulting in irregular shapes. To achieve consistent results, keep the cup level, align the spout centrally, and maintain a parallel arm. Slow, controlled pouring onto a dry canvas stabilizes the jug, preventing excessive lifting and ensuring even pours.
  • Mastering this jug through practice enhances your skills. For those preferring simpler pours or struggling with jug control, our rounded spout model may be more suitable.


Quality Assurance Notice: No Refund or Exchange Below This Mentioned

  • All jugs are inspected before shipment. Minor variations in spouts, handles, and bodies due to production tolerances are normal.
  • Handle alignment may vary by 1-2mm, which does not affect pouring technique.
  • Laser welding marks inside the handle are not defects and do not lead to rust.
  • Minor scratches may occur due to the lightweight design intended for latte art performance. Although each jug undergoes thorough inspection, they may not be entirely scratch-free due to this thickness.


Read Before You Buy:

  • Review our quality control, alignment, color coating, return/refund, and No Change of Mind policies before placing your order. By proceeding, you agree to these terms.
  • Inspect the item’s quality before first use. Report any issues within 3 days of receipt, along with the order number and unboxing proof.
  • No refunds for change of mind, incorrect selections, or used items.
  • Color coating may peel, fade, or discolor over time. Contact us within 3 days for major coating issues or defects not mentioned before use.
  • Signs of use invalidate return policies.

Warrior X-men V2 Steel

    • Slight variations in stainless steel milk jugs are normal due to the production process. We ensure these differences stay within an industry-standard tolerance of 1-2mm.
    • To maintain consistency, we use the Paper Metric Scale method. We place the jug upside down, align the spout's tip to the midpoint of the scale, and adjust the rim until it matches the same number on both sides. This precise method ensures accurate alignment beyond visual inspection.
    • During manufacturing, we carefully align each jug. While small variations of 1-2mm can occur due to material properties, we rigorously inspect every jug before packaging and shipping.
    • At JIBBIJUG, we perform thorough checks on finish, color, and alignment to ensure you receive a product that meets our standards, as detailed on our website.
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