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Discover the Aerate Ac Series Coffee Cupping Spoon from JIBBILITLLE—a set of 7 meticulously crafted pieces, including 4 in gold and 3 in stainless steel. Ideal for resale in your shop or as a delightful gift option.

This cupping spoon is the result of extensive cupping expertise, meticulously developed to elevate the coffee tasting experience. Constructed from high-grade 304 stainless steel, it features a purposeful shape and angle designed to optimize the ritual of coffee tasting. Tailored curvature and depth cater to the discerning cup taster, making it perfect for Cup Tasters competitions.

Designed with precision, this spoon is meant for coffee evaluation, quality control, and triangulation competitions. Its wide shape and balanced structure offer an optimal blend of body and texture, while the sharp edge promotes aeration, enhancing acidity.

Additionally, the thoughtfully engineered shape and curve maintain the perfect liquid volume consistently, ensuring unmatched uniformity in every tasting session."

Wholesale: 7 Cupping spoon (4Gold, 3Steel)

$227.00 Regular Price
$181.60Sale Price
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